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New stuff comming!

2016-03-12 13:06:57 by NescalRadiscal




I formatted my computer, and I managed to save some stuff of my projects animations that are stored on a USB stick that should be in some obscure place from my house. So I'm recoloring some sprites for future animations ...

follow the example5529832_145430359783_something.png

Is coming!

2015-12-27 21:57:34 by NescalRadiscal

I was going to bring this animation before Christmas or New Year, but due to family problems, I could not post before. But in February or March, I bring this ready animation. Admire this picture!


Some updates here......

2015-12-05 00:41:43 by NescalRadiscal

I had trained a little while after the Mag Rampage and gave up doing Incident: 0.1A (but maybe I can get back to doing) and decided to bring some different things here .... like, a dedicated animation for humor or not . Well, that's it, I hope you enjoyed my progress!

My new test:

Thanks for Kelzad and 1999Elias for sprites :)


Incident:0.1A is coming!

2015-11-06 19:47:07 by NescalRadiscal


Oooh yeah!

2015-10-31 23:38:53 by NescalRadiscal


Someone is shooting him!

2015-10-23 10:30:02 by NescalRadiscal



2015-10-17 11:46:30 by NescalRadiscal

My Mag Rampage is released! Pls rate! :D

Mag Rampage is coming!

2015-10-12 12:25:52 by NescalRadiscal

I'm making a animation called "Mag Rampage". Well. There is a image of this!5529832_144466714882_MR.png